About Us


Brody Berman Associates is the leading management consulting and communications firm for intangible assets. We help to clarify the importance of exceptional patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, and the professionals and services that add value to them.

Whether it is a portfolio, strategy, transaction or dispute, Brody Berman enables businesses to connect with audiences that matter and decision-makers. Since 1988, Brody Berman has helped to optimize more than 200 innovative businesses, IP portfolios, law firms, investment funds, and their clients.

Brody Berman works with clients to refine their message and tell their intangible asset story effectively. We provide strategic communications support for the entire range of IP holders, professionals and investors.

Services include:

  • Business Facilitation
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Placement
  • Litigation & transaction support
  • IP Brand Development
  • Capital Access
  • Global Contacts