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Quality Matters; So Does Character

Businesses need to remind audiences periodically that some of their patents and other IP rights are important. How a business does this says a lot about who it is and what it owns.

Brody Berman has helped to facilitate the goals of more than 200 innovative businesses and portfolios by conveying what they have and how it is being deployed. We work with IP holders and rights, managers, service providers, investors, law firms, and their clients.

Our clients tell us that we put their patents on the map, and their IP strategy in context.

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    IP Holders

    Audiences form impressions about IP rights, strategies and performance. Whether an IP portfolio contains tens of thousands of patents or just a few trademarks, what some audiences think matters. Brody Berman helps patent holders in a wide range of industries to strategically raise their IP profile and brand their success. We make it easier for companies to convey their patent “wins” – no easy feat in today’s IP world – to key audiences without revealing more information than necessary. We help to make intangibles intelligible.

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    Lawyers & Executives

    BBA supports legal and management initiatives, including patent enforcement, defense and all forms of IP transaction and monetization. We also work with defensive patent aggregators and licensing groups. IP disputes are news, whether or not holders want them to be. They often play out in the press and among key audiences, who form impressions. The court of public opinion is a powerful force.Whether your business (or your clients’ business) is a defendant, plaintiff or licensor, Brody Berman makes certain that its position is conveyed accurately.

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    IP Service Providers

    Patents and other IP assets are more complex today than ever before. Often, their value is difficult to discern and facilitate without specialized knowledge. IP holders rely on a wide range of IP service providers for support.Patent valuation, research and subject matter experts, renewals businesses, and reverse engineering firms are among those who rely on Brody Berman to differentiate their expertise and the value they provide.

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    Not all IP investors are alike. In fact, they can vary dramatically. Direct and indirect IP investors look to Brody Berman to facilitate deal flow, enhance shareholder value and generate return. They also rely on us to differentiate their business model.Operating companies, private and public NPEs, venture capital and hedge funds, M&A firms, and litigation funders rely on BBA to facilitate their interest and to convey information clearly and credibly.

Representative Technologies & Industries
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  • Biotechnology
  • Business Methods
  • Communications
  • Electronic Payments
  • Financial Services
  • Medical Technology
  • Networking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductors
  • Smartphones
  • Software
  • Storage
  • 3-D Printing