At Brody Berman Associates we are versed in the finance, technology, law, research and, most importantly, strategic communications — how best to convey complex assets and successful strategies to the right audiences.

  • Bruce Berman

    Bruce Berman is CEO of Brody Berman Associates, Inc., a management consulting and strategic communications firm that that helps to differentiate intellectual property rights, holders and strategies and support IP transactions and disputes. Brody Berman is best known for helping clients increase profit, enhance value and manage risk. (more…)

  • James F. Haggerty

    James F. Haggerty, Senior Counselor to Brody Berman Associates has 25 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and public affairs. An attorney, he has a national reputation in the fields of professional and financial services marketing, public affairs, and crisis and litigation communications. (more…)

  • Marshall C. Phelps, Jr.

    Marshall Phelps is one of the leading figures in the field of intellectual property management and performance and has been executive consultant and a senior adviser to Brody Berman Associates since 2010. He has pioneered many of IP’s leading strategies and best practices, and generated unprecedented results as head of IP business and strategy for IBM in the 1990s and then Microsoft in the 2000s. (more…)

  • Sharon F. Berman

    Sharon Berman designed and implemented fundraising campaigns and directed research for a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations. Her focus includes strategic planning, annual campaigns, capital campaigns, board development, research, solicitation training, feasibility studies and marketing. (more…)

  • Mary Sexton

    Mary Sexton has more than 25 years of experience creating innovative solutions for a diverse range of clients. Prior to forming Good Graphic Design, Ms. Sexton was Vice President of Graphic Services for Herman Associates, a full-service advertising agency in New York City. She has created collateral, advertising and websites for major clients including InteCap, Inc. (more…)