Speaking – Prior to 2008

  • Gothenburg, Sweden, Center for Intellectual Property Forum, May 20-24, 2007, Co-Chair/Speaker/Member of the Advisory Board, Valuation & Finance Track
  • London, IP Review – Live, February 7-8, 2006, Presenter/Moderator, Four Seasons Hotel, Canary Wharf, “Defining IP Transactions”
  • New York, The Wall Street Transcript, January 26-27, 2006, Chairman/Moderator/Panelist, “Making Innovation Pay”
  • Westin San Francisco Airport, The Wall Street Transcript, July 28-29, 2005, Chairman/Moderator,/Panelist, “Maximizing Returns on Your IP Portfolio”
  • Gothenburg, Swedend, Center for Intellectual Property Forum, May 24-28, 2005, Co-Organizer/Speaker/Moderator, “Return on IP Investment”
  • Washington, DC, Intellectual Property Owners, Reagan International Trade Center, March 14, 2005, Co-Organizer/Moderator, “Patent ‘Trolls’ and Property Rights”
  • New York, The Wall Street Transcript, January 27-28, 2005, Chairman/Moderator/Panelist, “Maximizing Returns on Your IP Portfolio”
  • Boston, Licensing Executives Society National Conference, October 20, 2004, Moderator/Panelist, “IP Financial Transactions: Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers”
  • New York, Columbia University School of Business, October 8, 2004, Guest Lecturer, “IP as Business Assets”
  • Teleconference with Kevin Rivette and Dan McCurdy, October 12, 2004, Organizer/Moderator, “Making Innovation Pay,” produced by Kennedy Information (a division of BNA, Inc.)
  • Chicago, Licensing Executives Society Annual Conference, September 25, 2002, Co-Presenter, “Using an IP Brand to Enhance Value”
  • Washington, DC, Roundtable for the International Intellectual Property Institute and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, July 24, 2002, Organizer/Moderator, “The New Emphasis on Patent Value: Opportunities & Challenges”
  • Stamford, CT, Licensing Executives Society, Fairfield-Westchester Chapter, October 12, 1999, “Building a ‘Branded’ IP Strategy”

In-house and private presentations in Washington, London, Brussels, Oxford, UK, Cambridge, MA, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.